COVNA Valves For Steel Production

Steel production produces wastewater including cooling water, acid rinse water, spent acid, oily wastewater, and more. Therefore wastewater treatment is very necessary for steel production plants. Wastewater treatment can help steel plants improve water utilization, reduce pollution and protect the environment.

In this article, we will introduce you to valves that can be used for wastewater treatment in steel plants. Hope to help you understand and choose the right valve.

Ball Valves

Since steel production requires acid and alkali, and waste acid and waste alkali are generated, we recommend using fluorine-lined ball valves or stainless steel 316 ball valves. They have excellent anti-corrosion properties and are suitable for flow regulation of spent acid and spent alkali. We can provide pneumatic ball valve, electric ball valve and manual ball valve for your choice. Pneumatic and electric actuators help you control valves remotely, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity.

Butterfly Valves

The advantages of butterfly valves are large size, easy installation, easy operation and low fluid resistance. We can replace parts of butterfly valves, such as seals and discs, as required by the project. Similarly, we can provide electric butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve and manual butterfly valve to meet your regulation needs.

Gate Valves & Knife Gate Valves

Both gate valves and knife gate valves are linear operation valves. The gate moves up or down in a straight line with the valve stem, thereby opening or closing the valve. Gate valves and knife gate valves are therefore ideal for circulating and blocking fluids.
Remote control is possible via pneumatic and electric actuators.

Pneumatic Control Valves

The pneumatic control valve is used to regulate the flow, pressure and liquid level of the medium. According to the signal of the adjustment part, the opening of the valve is automatically controlled, so as to achieve the adjustment of the medium flow, pressure and liquid level. Helps you automate fluid regulation.

The above is the introduction of valves that can be used for wastewater treatment in steel plants. If you have any needs for valves, you are welcome to consult us for the best valve solutions.