COVNA Valves For Surgar Processing

Sugar is a familiar product that is widely used in various food industries. However, the sugar production process is harsh. So this requires the valve to provide a reliable and sustainable solution to ensure the normal production of sugar.

The sugar industry generally uses control valves, shut-off valves, direction control valves, safety valves and so on.

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Control Valve

The control valve can be divided into pneumatic type, electric type and self-operated type according to the driving mode. The control valve can precisely regulate the pipeline flow. At the same time, according to the valve type, it can be divided into two-way and three-way types to provide you with a more comprehensive valve solution. 3-way type also could be divided into mixing type and diverting type for your choice.


Ball Valve

The ball valve is a valve that can be widely used in various industries, including the sugar industry. Ball valves are used for transport, cut-off and regulation.

The 3-way ball valve can be used to change the direction of the medium. The 3-way ball valve is divided into T port and L port to help you change the direction of the medium.

But the ball valve has a limited size range.


Butterfly Valve

Compared with ball valves, butterfly valves have large size ranges for your choice. Butterfly valves are also used for circulation, interception and regulation. Easy to install and simple to operate.


Gate Valve

A gate valve is a valve with a gate that rises or falls linearly and is used for transport and cut-off. The gate valve can only be fully opened or fully closed, and cannot be used for regulation.


Globe Valve

The globe valve is also a valve whose disc rises or falls linearly. In addition to the function of start and stop, it also has the function of accurately adjusting the flow rate.


Safety Valve

When the pressure of the medium in the equipment or pipeline rises above the specified value, the safety valve will discharge the medium to the outside of the system to prevent the pressure of the medium in the pipeline or equipment from exceeding the specified value, thereby protecting the normal operation of the system.


COVNA Electric Actuator


COVNA Pneumatic Actuator

Electric Actuator & Pneumatic Actuator

Equipped with electric or pneumatic actuators to realize remote control, reduce the probability of personnel injury and reduce labor costs. Offering the automated valve solution for you.

Electric Actuator

COVNA electric actuator has on/off and regulates function to close and open the valve. What’s more, it could regulate the flow rate by control the switch angle of the valve. Offering the quality realized service for your actuation solution.

Pneumatic Actuator

COVNA pneumatic actuator available in spring return type to keep your project safe and double-acting type to help you control faster.

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