COVNA Valves For Textile Factory Sewage Treatment

I am very happy to introduce to you a project we have completed – sewage treatment of textile plants. Textile wastewater is the wastewater produced in the process of spinning and weaving. Textile industry wastewater generally contains suspended solids, grease, lint, surfactants and various dyes, etc., and is one of the more difficult industrial wastewaters to treat. The valve is used to control the flow of sewage or filtered water.

When we received the customer’s inquiry, our business team called the customer as soon as possible to understand the project situation and learned that the medium contained slight corrosion. Then we confirmed with the engineer that UPVC material can be applied to the customer’s project. Therefore, we recommend UPVC ball valves to our customers to provide customers with cost-effective fluid control solutions.

Below, we will introduce you to UPVC valves.

UPVC Ball Valve

UPVC ball valve is a quarter-turn valve. It is suitable for transport, isolation or changing the direction of fluid flow. Its advantages include low cost, lightweight, easy installation, which can reduce your purchase cost.
2-way ball valve or 3-way ball valve (T port or L port) can be customized according to your flow direction requirements
We can provide manual UPVC ball valve, electric UPVC ball valve and pneumatic UPVC ball valve for your choice. Help you realize remote control and improve the production efficiency of the project.

UPVC Butterfly Valve

UPVC butterfly valves are also used to circulate, block or regulate fluid flow. Its advantages are low cost, lightweight, and a wide range of sizes, suitable for use in all types of pipes. At the same time, we can provide manual UPVC butterfly valve, electric UPVC butterfly valve and pneumatic UPVC butterfly valve for you to choose to meet your actuation needs. Help you improve the production efficiency of your project and gain more market share.

Here is the introduction of UPVC valve for your reference. If you have any demand for valve, feel free to contact us at