COVNA Valves For Wastewater & Waste Gas Treatment In Coal-Fired Power Plants

Coal-fired power plants generate wastewater and waste gas, and if the wastewater and waste gas are not treated, they will have adverse effects on the environment. Therefore, it is very necessary for the wastewater treatment and waste gas treatment of coal-fired power plants, which can effectively reduce environmental pollution and improve the living environment of human beings.

In this article, we will describe valves that can be used for wastewater and exhaust gas treatment in coal-fired power plants. Hope to help you understand and choose the right valve.

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valve is a commonly used valve, its advantages include large size, easy installation, easy operation, and low fluid resistance. Widely used in duct ventilation systems or water pipelines. Therefore, whether it is wastewater treatment or waste gas treatment, butterfly valves can be selected. We can change the seal material and disc material of the butterfly valve to meet your pipeline needs.

We can provide pneumatic butterfly valve, electric butterfly valve and manual butterfly valve for your choice. With pneumatic and electric actuators, we enable industrial automation.

Ball Valves

The ball valve is a quarter-turn valve. According to the flow direction, the ball valve is divided into 2-way ball valve, 3-way ball valve and 4-way ball valve. Plus, ball valves can be customized in high temperature, high pressure, anti-corrosion and sanitary versions, so there’s always a ball valve for your project.

Likewise, the purpose of remote control of valves can be achieved through electric and pneumatic actuators.

Gate Valves

The gate valve is a linear operation valve. Since the gate valve can only be fully opened or fully closed, the gate valve is suitable for circulating or blocking fluids. Widely used in dams, wastewater treatment plants, power plants and other industries.

We can provide electric gate valve, pneumatic gate valve and manual gate valve for you to choose to meet your driving needs.


The above is the introduction of valves that can be used for wastewater treatment and waste gas treatment in coal-fired power plants. If you have any needs for valves, you are welcome to contact us at any time to obtain the best valve solution and quotation budget.