COVNA Valves For Water Supply Pipeline

I am very happy to be here to introduce a project inquiry we received recently – Water Supply Project for the park in Brazil. The project is simple, and the consultation is electric ball valve and electric butterfly valve. As an automated valve supplier with more than 20 years of valve experience, we are committed to providing customers with cost-effective fluid control solutions.

After understanding the customer’s project, we know that the pipeline medium is just ordinary water or sewage. To help customers reduce costs, we recommend plastic valves. The cost of plastic valves is lower than that of stainless steel valves, which can reduce the cost by about 5% to 10%.

Therefore, we recommend customers to use electric plastic ball valves and electric plastic butterfly valves to reduce the procurement cost of the project and help customers gain the trust and satisfaction of end-users.

In addition to electric actuator valves, we can also provide manual valves and pneumatic actuator valves for your choice.

Electric UPVC Ball Valve

Electric UPVC ball valves mean UPVC ball valves driven by an electric actuator. Receive and feedback the control signal through the electric actuator, help you control the valve remotely. More importantly, it is compatible with various control systems.

Available in 2 way ball valve and 3 way ball valve to help to transport, isolate or change the flow direction of the medium.

Electric UPVC Butterfly Valve

Features of the electric UPVC butterfly valve include a large size range for choice, low cost, lightweight and easy to install. Helping you control the valve locally or remotely.

The above is the introduction of electric ball valves and electric butterfly valves used in park water delivery projects. Hope to help you understand and choose a more suitable valve. If you have any needs for valves, welcome to consult us for free valve solutions and the best price!