Difference Between Gate Valve And Globe Valve

The Difference Between The Working Principle Of Globe Valve And Gate Valve

The globe valve means opening or closing the valve by rotating the handwheel to drive the stem up or down. The handwheel and stem rotate and lift together. The gate valve is rotating by the handwheel and makes the valve stem lift and lower, and the handwheel position does not raise or lower.

Secondly, the gate valve only can be fully open or fully closed, so the gate valve can only let the medium flow or cut off. The opening and closing stroke of the gate valve is large, so the opening and closing time is long.
Globe valve’s movement stroke is smaller than gate valve and the angle of opening and closing can be decided according to project requirements for flow regulation and shut-off use.

The Performance Difference Between Globe Valve And Gate Valve

Globe valve can be used to cut off the flow, but also can regulate the flow. The fluid resistance of the globe valve is large, and it takes more effort to open and close. But the distance of the valve plate from the sealing surface is short, so the opening and closing time is short.

When the gate valve is fully open, the flow resistance of the medium in the valve body channel is almost 0. Therefore, the gate valve opens and closes with less effort, but the gate plate is farther from the sealing surface, so the opening and closing time is longer.


The Difference Of Installation Direction Between Globe Valve And Gate Valve

Gate valve for the installation is no flow requirements, the media can flow in both directions. However, for the installation of globe valves with strict flow requirements, the installation direction must be determined in accordance with the direction of the valve body.

Structural Differences Between Globe Valves And Gate Valves

Gate valves have a stem and a valve flap, while globe valves do not have a stem and a valve flap.

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