Difference Between Gate Valve And Globe Valve

  1. Working Principle Difference Between Globe Valve and Gate Valve

Globe valve in open and closed, is the rising stem, rotating handwheel, hand wheel with the stem together with the rotation and lifting movement. And the gate valve is the rotation of the handwheel so that the stem to do lifting movement, the handwheel itself position unchanged.

Secondly, the gate valve can only be fully open or closed, do the use of cut-off Valve, the gate open and close the travel is very large, open and close time. Globe valve plate motion stroke is small, mainly for flow regulation and cut-off use.


  1. Performance Difference Of Globe Valve And Gate Valve

Cut-off valve can cut off the flow, can also adjust the flow. The fluid resistance of the globe valve is large, when opening and closing is laborious, but the valve plate is short distance from the sealing surface, so the opening and closing time is short.

When the gate valve is fully opened, the flow resistance of the medium in the valve body channel is almost 0. Therefore, the gate valve opens and closes labor-saving, but the gate plate is far away from the sealing surface, opens and closes the time to be long.

  1. Installation Flow Direction Difference Of Globe Valve And Gate Valve

Gate valve for the installation of no flow requirements, the media can be two-way flow. But the globe valve for the installation of strict flow requirements must be identified in accordance with the direction of the valve body installation, that is, top-down.

  1. Globe Valve and Gate Valve Structure Difference

Gate valve has the stem and stem, and cut-off valve has no stem stem stem stem stem.

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