Double Offset Butterfly Valves VS Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

In recent years, the use of butterfly valves has become more and more widespread. According to the material of the butterfly valve, it can be divided into stainless steel butterfly valve, cast iron butterfly valve, cast steel butterfly valve and plastic butterfly valve. According to the seals of butterfly valves, butterfly valves can be divided into soft-sealed butterfly valves and hard-sealed butterfly valves. At the same time, according to the eccentric type, butterfly valves are divided into single eccentric type, double eccentric type and triple eccentric type.

Although many people know the working principle of butterfly valves, there are still many people who have doubts about eccentric butterfly valves. In this article, we will try our best to explain to you what an eccentric butterfly valve is to help you choose a better valve in the future.


What is a double eccentric butterfly valve?

Its structural feature is that the axis of the valve stem deviates from the center of the butterfly plate and the center of the body. The double eccentric effect enables the butterfly plate to be released from the valve seat immediately after the valve is opened, which greatly eliminates unnecessary excessive extrusion and scratching of the butterfly plate and the valve seat, reduces the opening resistance, reduces wear and improves The life of the valve seat is improved.

Advantages of double eccentric butterfly valve

● Good sealing performance
● Long lifespan


● Double eccentric butterfly valves are widely used, such as oil and gas, HVAC, wastewater treatment, shipbuilding, food processing, etc.

What is a triple eccentric butterfly valve?

The structural feature is that the conical axis of the sealing surface of the butterfly plate is skewed to the cylinder axis of the body while the position of the axis of the double eccentric valve stem is eccentric. After the third eccentricity, the butterfly valve can withstand high temperature, high pressure and zero leakage.

Advantages of triple eccentric butterfly valve

Triple eccentric butterfly valve can be used in pipelines that require high pressure or high temperature


● Triple eccentric butterfly valves are widely used in industries that require high temperature or high pressure, such as oil refining, power generation, pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical, steam pipeline, etc.


Whether it is a double eccentric butterfly valve or a triple eccentric butterfly valve, it can be controlled manually, electrically, or pneumatically.

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