General Failure and Maintenance Of Electric Actuator

Long-term use of electric actuators, there may happen following 3 issues: Motor Doesn’t Work, The Switch Indicator Doesn’t Work and The Angle Of The Switch Is Constantly Changing.

Failure Phenomenon

Failure Cause

Methods Of Resolution

Motor Doesn’t Work No power Connect the power
Broken wire or the connector is disconnected from the terminal Repair the broken wire, and connect the terminal correctly
Wrong voltage Check the voltage
Overheat protector working(Working temperature too high) Reduce the working environment temperature, use manual control to check whether the valve can be opened properly
Poor action of limit switch Change the switch
Poor capacitance Change teh capacitance
The Switch Indicator Doesn’t Work Light Bulb is broken Change the light bulb
Poor action of limit switch Change the switch
Poor adjustment of the block Adjust it again
The Angle Of The Switch Is Constantly Changing There’s interference from the source Check the signal again
The voltage divider is causing interference Change potentiometer
The gears are loose Check the gears and reinforce the screws on the gears

If you have any issues during using the actuator, COVNA could offer online tech support to help you to solve the problem.