How To Choose Electric Actuator Valve?

With the development of industrial automation, more and more electric actuator valves are used, and the technical requirements for electric actuated valves are becoming higher and higher.

When we are in the choice of electric actuated valve, electric actuated valve control should be considered. According to our engineering requirements, determine whether to use centralized control mode, single control mode, whether it needs to interact with other equipment, manually control, remote control, and so on. We should determine a good control mode at first, confirm technical requirements, and then according to the requirements of the selection and purchase of electric actuated valve.

In addition, in the purchase of electric actuator valves, should consider the need to buy a controller. The controller is more convenient and simple than manual programming. According to their own needs, the need to choose whether the controller.

At present, the purpose of selecting electric actuator valve is not only to open or close the valve, but also to save manpower and improve production efficiency. Therefore, the selection of the appropriate valve, the appropriate electric actuator for the operation of the project is particularly important.

Therefore, the correct choice of electric actuated valve to ensure the normal operation of pipeline engineering is one of the important conditions. If the use of inappropriate valves, not only will not play the greatest role in the valve, more likely to let the project stagnation, resulting in cost losses. Therefore, in the choice of electric actuated valve, we should pay attention to pipeline parameters, but also pay attention to the working environment conditions.

Generally, electric actuator valves are recommended when working in the following conditions:
1. Indoors or with protective measures for outdoor use.
2. Installed in the open air, with rain, rain, sun and other erosion
3. Environment with flammable and explosive gas (recommended use of explosion-proof electric actuators).
4. It is the environment of the Tropics and the dry tropic.s
5. The occasion with violent vibration.
For the above-mentioned environment, electric actuated valve will be in accordance with different working environment with different structure and protective measures. Electric actuated valves are therefore recommended for efficiency and cost reasons.

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