How To Choose The Right Valve?

When selecting a valve, we consider the direction of the medium, the type of medium, and the function of the valve. Below, we will explain how to select a valve in four ways.

1.Valves For Cut-Off And Circulation Media

Flow channel for straight-through valve, commonly used are butterfly valve, ball valve, gate valve and so on. With low flow resistance, these valves are often used as cut-off and circulation media. But because of its winding flow path, the flow resistance is higher than other valves. So when allowing a higher flow resistance of the occasion, such as the media for gas, you can choose the cut-off Valve.

In the choice of butterfly valve, when the medium has more impurities, such as the medium for sewage, should choose horizontal butterfly valve, the valve shaft for horizontal direction, channel bottom is not easy to accumulate debris and scale, to protect the valve plate sealing ring.

3 piece electric actuator ball valve






2. Flow Control Valves

Normally we would recommend the control valve for flow control purposes, also the globe valve is suitable for this purpose. Butterfly valve, ball valve and diaphragm valves can also be used for regulating flow control, but only in a limited valve size range.






3. Diverter Valve

3-way or 4-way ball valves are generally recommended for reverse shunting. This type of valve is divided into t-type and l-type, can effectively achieve the role of medium flow diversion.






4. Media With Suspended Particles

When the medium with suspended particles, the most suitable for the use of closed parts along the sealing surface of the sliding with the role of wiping the valve. Ball and plug valves are recommended. Because these 2 types of valves in the opening and closing process, the sealing surface has the role of wiping, it is suitable for use in the medium with suspended particles.

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