COVNA Actuator In The HVAC System

Unless you are a trained HVAC technician or a do-it-yourself nerd, chances are you won’t bother figuring out the technical bits of your HVAC system. In fact, when every component is working right, there is a tendency to take for granted the comfort and air quality you enjoy.

One of the greatest innovations in HVAC which you are probably already enjoying is climate control in multiple zones in your home. If you live in a two-story building, you may want the upper rooms cooler and the lower rooms warmer. Alternatively, you may want certain spaces in your house such as bedroom to be warmer while areas like the kitchen cooler.

While all components in an HVAC system work together to achieve this, two of the most critical are the HVAC damper and actuator. They work together to ensure airflow into the different spaces in your house is properly regulated.