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Hi, this is Sherry Wong from COVNA group. Glad to meet you here. We are a specialist of industrial valves and industrial actuators with 20+ years of experience in China.

COVNA is customer-oriented and provides flexible automation solutions for more than 2,000 projects. Helping them improve production efficiency and optimize profit plans.

Rich experience helps us know the need of industries deeply and we believe that we could help you too.

Contact us by filling in the below form or email to sales@covnaactuator.com to get a tailored fluid solution to your application.

Sherry WongSales Manager

Why COVNA Industrial Valve?

Since 2000, COVNA had helped to resolve the valve need for more than 2,000 projects. In-house design, manufacture, inspect and sell. We aim to deliver the qualified valve solution to our client.
Our automated actuator and valve could be applied in various projects to help automatic control easier. Such as hydropower plants, wastewater treatment, oil and gas, food and beverage, paper and pulp, and other automatic projects.
Sincerely hope that we could be your reliable valve partner.


5 Types Of Industrial Valves

Industrial valves are widely used in various applications for on-off and regulate the flow rate.

Quarter Turn On-Off Valve Series

Ball valves and butterfly valves are suitable for on-off and regulate the flow rate. Both of them are 90 degrees rotation.

Manually operated, electrically operated and pneumatically operated are available. To help you to control locally and remotely.


Ball Valve Series


Butterfly Valve Series

Linear Motion Valve Series

Gate valves and globe valves are one kind of linear motion valves. Gate valves are widely used for transport and shut-off. However, globe valves are also could used for regulating the flow rate.

Manually operated, electrically operated and pneumatically operated are available.


Gate Valve Series


Globe Valve Series

Non-Return Valve Series

Non-return valves are also named check valves. To help to prevent the backflow of the medium, thereby protecting the normal operation of the pipeline.

According to the designs, the check valve could be swing check valves, flap check valves, spring check valves and so on. To meet your different valve needs.


Check Valve Series

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