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What Is Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valves?

When people saying pneumatic actuated butterfly valve or air actuated butterfly valve, they both mean a butterfly valve with a pneumatic actuator. Driven by clean air then operate.

When automated fluid control is needed, the pneumatic actuated butterfly valve will be your best choice. It is engineered for fast responsive, easy to install, easy to operate, and durable.

fast responsive

Fast Responsive

Quick response improves system control performance and quickly shuts off fluid flow in emergency situations

easy to operate

Easy To Operate

High maneuverability for precise fluid control and regulation

easy to install

Easy To Install

The installation process is simple, providing a convenient installation process



Manufactured from high-strength materials with high corrosion resistance and wear resistance

Butterfly Valve Types

Wafer Butterfly Valve Types

Wafer butterfly valve is an ideal valve for a wide range of applications. With a simple yet effective design, it reliably controls fluid and provides precise flow control.

Flanged Butterfly Valve Types

It features a flanged connection for easy installation and maintenance. With its reliable performance and precise flow control, it is an excellent choice for fluid control applications.

Plastic Butterfly Valve Types

With their lightweight construction and easy installation, plastic butterfly valves offer reliable flow control in industries such as water treatment, chemical processing, and irrigation systems.

Lugged Butterfly Valve Types

With their lugged design, they provide a secure and leak-free connection to the pipeline. Offering reliable flow control and ease of maintenance.

Sanitary Butterfly Valve Types

Designed for applications in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical. Offer precise flow control and easy maintenance.

COVNA Pneumatic Actuator Types

The pneumatic actuator offers quick and precise valve positioning, allowing for efficient and reliable fluid control. With its compact design, high-speed operation, and suitability for hazardous environments, the pneumatic actuator is widely used in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, and water treatment.


AT Series Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator

A double-acting pneumatic actuator is a type of pneumatic actuator that uses compressed air to provide both the opening and closing force to a valve. This type of actuator offers bi-directional control and is commonly used in applications where precise and reliable valve positioning is required.

working principle of double acting actuator

ATE Series Single Acting Pneumatic Actuator

A single-acting pneumatic actuator is a type of pneumatic actuator that uses compressed air to provide force in only one direction to operate a valve. Single-acting pneumatic actuators are commonly used in applications where the valve needs to be either fully open or fully closed, and precise control is not required.

working principle of spring return actuator


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