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Hi, this is Sherry from COVNA group, a specialist of automated actuators and valves in China.

Since 2000, we are customer-oriented, provide excellent fluid solutions for more than 2,000 projects, and help improve production efficiency. We have always been committed to producing reliable products and providing you with exclusive solutions with excellent value for money.

We believe that we will be your best partner. Other sell products to you, but we provide solutions.

Welcome for your any inquiries, and feel free to contact us by filling in the form below or sending an email to sales@covnaactuator.com

Please notice that we are COVNA brand in China and we don’t supply other brand actuators or valves.

Sherry WongSales Manager

COVNA Featured Pneumatic Actuators

COVNA manufactures pneumatic rotary actuator to help you to fluid control easier


Single Acting(Spring Return) Pneumatic Valve Actuator

  • Item: ATE Series
  • Working principle: Supply air to open the valve, and once air interrupted, the valve will be close
  • Air supply pressure: 2.5bar to 8bar
  • Output torque: 5.7 Nm to 3336Nm
  • Mounting standard: ISO5211 standard for ball valve and butterfly valve and NAMUR standard
  • Rotation: 90 Degrees (Quarter Turn)

Double Acting Pneumatic Valve Actuator

  • Item: AT Series
  • Working principle: Supply air to open, and supply air to close
  • Air supply pressure: 2.5bar to 8bar
  • Output torque: 8 Nm to 4678Nm
  • Mounting standard: ISO5211 standard for ball valve and butterfly valve and NAMUR standard
  • Rotation: 90 Degrees (Quarter Turn)

AW Series Pneumatic Valve Actuator

AW series pneumatic valve actuator is the special pneumatic valve actuator in COVNA brand.

Suitable for big ball valves or big butterfly valves and the valve which requires higher torque.

Meanwhile, it also has 2 types: Single acting type(185Nm to 37,000Nm) and double acting type(515Nmm to 157,300Nm) for your choice.

Scotch yoke actuator-2

Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Valve Actuator

Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator has a high torque range. The torque range of the single acting type is 542Nm to 25037Nm. And the torque range of the double-acting type is 1084Nm to 41727Nm.

Suitable for the ball valve and butterfly valve which has a higher torque need.

Our goal is to offer a one-stop actuation solution to fulfill your valve needs

We also offer below pneumatic accessories to help your project more automated




Limit Switch






Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

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Advantages Of COVNA Pneumatic Valve Actuator:

  1. 1 million cycles of life, with a life test report issued by a Japanese testing company
  2. Larger air cylinder, extra 30% air consumption, stable air pressure and torque output, fast open/close
  3. Made by low-friction material, which avoids direct contact between metal and metal, is not easy to wear, rotates flexibly, and has a long service life
  4. Position indicator with NAMUR is convenient for mounting accessories like a limit switch, positioner and so on
  5. ISO5211 mounting for ball valve and butterfly valve. It also can be installed on different brands of valve bodies
  6. Anti-corrosion aluminum alloy body well for different applications

Applications Of Pneumatic Rotary Actuators

Normally, the pneumatic rotary actuator works with valves. Pneumatic actuated control valve could help your automation easier. They are widely used in the following industries.

  • Water treatment
  • Shipyard
  • Automatic packaging machine
  • Washing equipment
  • Food and beverage
  • Chemical processing
  • Air dryer system

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