HK56-T 3 Ways Pneumatic Ball Valve

    Manufacturing 3-way pneumatic ball valve in T port and L port to help to on-off and separate the flow rate. Available in NPT and G standard thread. Widely used in water treatment, wastewater treatment, irrigation, and so on.

    Engineered with precision and reliability, this valve provides exceptional versatility for directing flow in multiple directions. With its robust construction and efficient operation, it ensures optimal performance even in demanding industrial environments.

    Model HK56-T
    Actuator Type Single Acting(Spring Return) or Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator
    Size Range 1/2in to 2.5in
    Pressure 10bar, 16bar
    Temperature -10℃ to 180℃ (14℉ to 356℉)
    Air Supply Pressure 2.5bar to 8bar
    Medium Water, steam, oil, gas, air, and other mediums