The 14th COVNA Industrial Salon

At the beginning of 2020, a sudden epidemic put the global economy into trouble. How to break through the predicament has become the primary problem for many companies to solve.

In September 2020, the epidemic in China was basically over. With official permission, we hosted the 14th COVNA Salon. It aims to solve the crisis together and achieve growth.


Hundreds of company founders gathered together. In addition to discussing business opportunities under the epidemic, we also discussed the future development trend of water treatment, aiming to contribute to the development of China’s water treatment industry.

We invited 5 well-known companies to give speeches on the development trend of water treatment. At the same time, our CEO Mr. Bond also expressed his views on how to break through the epidemic.

In addition, we also have dance and Kung Fu performances, business card exchange time, and dinner.

Hope you can join our COVNA salon next time!