Tips For Selecting The Valve For Filter

Groundwater can be developed and utilized as a water source for domestic water, industrial water and farmland irrigation. Moreover, groundwater has the advantages of stable water supply and less pollution. It is an essential resource for human life and development. However, most groundwater contains excessive levels of iron and manganese, which can affect the color, taste and purity of the water source. If it is used directly, it will not only cause stains on utensils or washings but also affect other industrial production, such as paper making, textile industry, chemical industry, leather industry, etc. Therefore, when groundwater is required as a water source, iron and manganese removal must be carried out. We can choose to treat groundwater through iron and manganese removal filters to make groundwater a usable water source.

Benefits of Groundwater Treatment

1. Able to guarantee project quality
2. Able to ensure timely completion
3. Ability to reduce costs

Application of Valves In Iron & Manganese Removal Filters

Valves are widely used in various water treatment equipment, including iron and manganese removal filters. It is used to regulate the flow and delivery of water or other chemical agents. It is convenient to increase the productivity of the whole system.

Shut-off Valves

Ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves and globe valves are widely used shut-off valve types. Their advantages are easy installation and easy operation. Only need to rotate the handle or turbine to open or close the valve, so as to achieve the purpose of transmitting or cutting off the flow.
Shut-off valves are available in stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex steel, cast iron or plastic. A variety of material options to match the needs of various types of pipes or water treatment systems.

At the same time, the use of electric actuators or pneumatic actuators can easily achieve the purpose of remotely controlling valves, reducing labor costs and effectively increasing production capacity.

Check Valves

The check valve is a valve used to prevent the medium from flowing backward. It uses the pressure of the pipeline to automatically open or close. It is generally used next to electrical equipment such as pumps to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment.


Groundwater will contain solid impurities, in order to make the entire iron and manganese removal system run more smoothly and reduce maintenance costs. We recommend using a Y-type filter to filter solid impurities in the media.

The above is the introduction of valves that can be used for iron and manganese removal filters. Choosing the right valve can make your system run more smoothly and smoothly. Any demand, feel free to consult us at