Top 5 Actuator Butterfly Valve Manufacturers In Germany

In this article, we will list the Top 5 actuator butterfly valve manufacturers in Germany for your reference. Hope it could help you to find a suitable valve suppliers. By the way, COVNA is a butterfly valve manufacture in China. Large stock, fast shipping, custom service is available. Any demand for valves, feel free to contact us at

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Founded in 1867, OHL has 150 years of experience in the valve industry and is currently one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial valves. Rich experience helps OHL to understand the needs of various industries and provide tailor-made solutions.
Products include triple eccentric butterfly valves, hard seal butterfly valves, soft seal butterfly valves and so on.

Founded in 1872, VAG is a professional manufacturer of pumps and valves. VAG currently has 1,200 employees and has operations all over the world, providing fast-response services to industries. VAG’s products can be used in barrages, dams, water plants, drinking water supply pipelines and sewage systems.
Products include wafer butterfly valves, lug butterfly valves and so on.

Parker was founded in 1917 and is one of the world’s leading providers of industrial automation solutions. Parker has offices in more than 50 countries/regions around the world, providing fast-response services to customers around the world.
Products include butterfly valves, ball valves, solenoid valves, check valves and so on.

Burgmer was founded in 1967 and is engaged in the production of butterfly valves. Through years of development and product research and development, Burgmer has successfully expanded its share in the European market and has become one of the leading industrial valve manufacturers.
Burgmer butterfly valves are widely used in silo trucks, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food industry and so on.

Founded in 1966, BK Armaturen is committed to providing tailor-made fluid solutions for various industries. BK Armaturen also provides spare parts repair and maintenance services to help you reduce repair costs and extend valve service life.
Products include hard-sealed butterfly valves, soft-sealed butterfly valves, etc., and there are 4 actuation options for you to choose from: manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic.