Top Actuator Globe Valve Manufacturers

Here we will list top globe valves with actuators manufacturers for your reference. Hope it could help you search a suitable actuator globe valve supplier. Any demand for actuator globe valve, feel free to contact us at


Honeywell was established in 1885 and is currently the world’s leading manufacturer of valves, industrial equipment, and industrial accessories. In this 100+ years of development, we have provided excellent solutions for household, commercial, and industrial use. Honeywell has multiple offices around the world, which can quickly and easily solve your needs.

Victaulic was founded in 1919 and is currently headquartered in the United States, dedicated to providing mechanical pipe joining solutionss for major industries. Victaulic provides tailor-made solutions based on the needs of your industry, such as thermal motion, earthquake or noise solutions. All Victaulic products are manufactured in strict accordance with standards to ensure product quality.


KSB was established in 1871 and is a leading manufacturer of pumps and valves. KSB provides efficient and reliable solutions for all industries that need to transport, control or shut down fluids. KSB has more than 15,000 employees worldwide, responsible for development, production, sales and service. There are offices in many places around the world to provide you with fast response services.
Products include globe valves, check valves, pumps, etc.

Spirax Sarco is a provider specializing in steam process control solutions. It has 1,200 professional engineers and offices in more than 60 countries/regions around the world.
Spirax Sarco provides turn key solutions for steam systems, including design, construction, commissioning, maintenance and repairs, etc. Spirax Sarco provides a variety of valves for steam systems, including shut-off valves, regulating valves, flow meters, and so on.


Bonney Forge was founded in 1876 and initially forged parts for carriages. Later, after years of development and product series expansion, the current product series include valves, fittings, and other industrial fittings.
Bonney Forge has been committed to providing customers with sustainable and excellent flow control products for many years. Now the name Bonney Forge has become synonymous with quality.