What Does WOG Mean?

We often see many marks on the valve body, such as PN16, DN50, WCB, etc., and there is another one called WOG, which is actually the abbreviation of Water, Oil, and Gas. In this article, we will introduce the meaning of 1000WOG, hoping to help you better understand and purchase.

What does WOG mean?

WOG is the abbreviation of Water, Oil, Gas, which represents the maximum pressure that this valve can withstand per square inch. For example, 1000WOG means that the valve can withstand a pressure of 1000PSI, which is approximately equal to 68.9bar. If the 1000WOG valve is applied to applications higher than 68.9bar, it may cause permanent damage, which may lead to accidents and hinder engineering production efficiency.

The importance of marking

In addition to WOG, other marks will be engraved on the valve body to show different functions.

Valve body size: DN is generally used to indicate the size of the valve body. For example, DN50 means that the size of the valve body is 50mm
Flow direction: Generally, an arrow is used to indicate the flow direction of the medium. When installing the valve, pay attention to the flow direction. otherwise, the valve cannot be used normally.
Body material: We will use CF8, CF8M or WCB to represent whether the body material is stainless steel or carbon steel
Pressure rating: If you see the number 150 on the valve body, it means that the valve body can withstand the pressure of ANSI 150Lb. PN10 means 10bar and 10K means JIS10K.


WOG and other marks are to enable you to understand and use the valve correctly. If you have any questions about the marks on the COVNA valve body, please feel free to contact us at sales@covnaactuator.com