What Is COVNA Actuated 3-Piece Ball Valve?

The three-piece ball valve is a quarter-turn valve. Turn the handle 90 degrees to drive the ball to rotate, thereby opening or closing the valve. What is special is that this ball valve is composed of 3 parts, which are fixed by screws and bolts. Its advantages are easy disassembly, easy maintenance, long service life, and various connection methods to match various pipeline needs. Including thread, flange, clamp, welding and other connection methods.

3-piece ball valves are available in manual control, electric actuator control and pneumatic actuator control to meet your different actuation needs.

Electric 3-piece ball valve(motorized 3-piece ball valve) means a 3-piece ball valve equipped with an electric actuator. AC/DC power supply, then the electric actuator drive the valve open or close. Lead the labor free. Available in ON/off type, modulating type and intelligent type actuator for your options.

● ON/OFF type actuator for fully open or close.
● Modulating type actuator for regulating the open/close angle of valve from 0 degrees to 90 degrees.
● Intelligent type actuator has the same function as modulating type actuator but it has an LCD display screen.

Modulating type and intelligent type actuator are available in signal control and Bluetooth control to help you control remotely. Also, the electric actuator is available in explosion-proof type, IP68 underwater type, fail-open type and fail-close type to meet various special needs.

Pneumatic 3-piece ball valve means a 3-piece ball valve equipped with a pneumatic actuator. Features include the lowest cost, eco-friendly, and explosion-proof. Available in single-acting (spring return) type and double-acting type actuator.

● Spring return pneumatic actuator means air to open and the valve will auto return once the air is interrupted.
● Double-acting pneumatic actuator means air to open and air to close.

Also, a range of pneumatic accessories is available for you. To help you flow rate control easier and automated.

Applications Of Actuated 3-piece Ball Valve

● Wastewater and water treatment
● Automatic packaging machine
● Brewhouse
● Fish feeding system
● Irrigation
● Food and beverage
● Paper and pulp
And other automatic industries.

Here is the actuated 3-piece ball valve we provided. Hope it could help you know and select. Also we welcome any inquiries from you and we are happy to help you solve the valve problem. sales@covnaactuator.com