What Is COVNA Anti-Corrosive PTFE Actuated Valve?

Some industries may be dangerous, we recommend the use of automatic anti-corrosion valves to ensure personal safety.

The automatic anti-corrosion valve has excellent anti-corrosion performance and can be used to control the flow, shut-off and flow control of strong acids and alkalis. Anti-corrosion valves are generally made of PTFE material. COVNA can provide PTFE solenoid valves, PTFE electric actuator valves and PTFE pneumatic actuator valves for your choice.

Features of PTFE solenoid valve include compact design, responsive, lowest cost, and easy to installation.

PTFE electric actuator valve(Fluorine motorized valve) means a PTFE valve driven by electric actuator. Including electric PTFE ball valves and PTFE electric butterfly valves. Features of electric actuator include remote control and IP67 weather-proof protection class. It could receive and feedback the signal to help you control it remotely and locally. Available in ON/OFF type, modulating type and intelligent type.
● On/off type electric actuator for open/close fully.
● Modulating type electric actuator for regulating the angle of valve from 0 degrees to 90 degrees.
● Intelligent type electric actuator has the same function as modulating type actuator. But it has an LCD display screen to help you control it remotely and locally.


PTFE pneumatic actuator valve(Fluorine pneumatic actuator valve) means a PTFE valve driven by pneumatic actuator. Including pneumatic PTFE ball valves and pneumatic PTFE butterfly valves. Features of pneumatic actuator valve include safe, explosion-proof and responsive. Available in spring return type(single-acting type) and double-acting type.
● Spring return actuator is air to open and once the air is interrupted, the valve will auto return.
● Double-acting actuator is air to open and air to close.

Applications of Actuated PTFE Valve

● Chemical
● Waste Treatment
● Wastewater Treatment
And any industries which require anti-corrosion.

Here is the automated PTFE valve for your reference. And hope it could help you select the suitable valve for your project. Welcome any inquiries from you! sales@covnaactuator.com