What Is COVNA Salon?

The 15th COVNA Salon was successfully held in Guangzhou! Thank you very much for the participation of many guests, and I hope you all had a pleasant and fulfilling day.
Maybe you will be curious about COVNA Salon. In this article, please allow me to introduce to you what is COVNA Salon.

What Is COVNA Salon?

As we all know, COVNA was founded in 2000 and just a small shop on the street, mainly selling valves and pipe fittings and so on. One day, our founder Mr. Bond took nearly 40KG of goods, and finally delivered the goods to the customer by taking a 2-hour bus ride. But because of the quality of the goods, Mr. Bond was rejected.

Since then, Mr. Bond has made up his mind to create own brand and set up own production workshop. Our founder, Mr. Bond, was a determined man and founded COVNA soon after.

Through years of development, COVNA currently has 3 production bases, 2 warehouses, and a professional valve R&D technical team.
Mr. Bond knows that it is not easy to create enterprises, so he called on his partners to hold COVNA Salon together. Hope that such a gathering, through sharing, can help small and medium-sized enterprises grow rockets. This is the original intention of COVNA Salon, and this is also the first COVNA Salon.

The 1st COVNA Salon

COVNA Salon Of Now

The first COVNA Salon was very successful and unexpectedly attracted the attention of the industry. Since then, COVNA Salon has been held for 15 sessions.

Today’s COVNA Salon not only seeks more development opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, but we are also more concerned about how to do a better job of environmental protection in China and improve the living standards of people.

In each issue of COVNA Salon, we will invite leaders or professors in the Chinese environmental industry to explain to us the current development trend of the environmental protection industry in China and even the world. I hope that through the explanations of the experts, can seek more business opportunities for the entrepreneurs present, and at the same time contribute to China’s environmental protection cause.

This is COVNA Salon. We hope that through COVNA Salon, we can help more small and medium-sized enterprises to develop, and what’s more important is promoting the development of environmental protection.