What Is COVNA Sanitary Valves?

COVNA sanitary valve is a quarter-turn rotary valve. Suitable for transport and insolation medium for food process skid-mounted system, winemaking, beverage processing, packing industry, and so on which have sanitary needs.

The advantages of sanitary valves include polishing and sterilizing both inside and outside, using food-grade seals, and adopting a clamp connection method, which can effectively avoid food contamination during pipeline transmission, ensure food safety, and improve project productivity.

In COVNA, the sanitary valve is available in electric operated, pneumatically operated or manually operated. In this article, we will introduce the electric sanitary valve and pneumatic sanitary valve for your reference.

Electric actuator sanitary valve(Motorized sanitary valve) means a sanitary valve driven by an electric actuator. Including electric sanitary ball valves and electric sanitary butterfly valves. The electric actuator is an integrated design device that can receive or feedback signals and communicate with various controls. Compatible with systems, such as PLC, to help you achieve remote control.

● ON/OFF type electric actuator: For 90 degrees fully open/close. It could feedback the open/close signal
● Modulating type electric actuator: For regulating the open/close angle of valve from 0 degree to 90 degrees. It could receive and feedback the signal to help control remotely
● Intelligent type electric actuator: Same function with modulating type actuator. But it has an LCD display screen to help you control easier.

Pneumatic actuated sanitary valve means a food-grade valve driven by a pneumatic actuator. Including pneumatic sanitary ball valves and pneumatic sanitary butterfly valves. Features of pneumatic actuator include cost-effective, fast responsive, long service life up to 1 million and explosion-proof.

● Single-acting pneumatic actuator(spring return pneumatic actuator): Air to open and the valve will auto return once the air is interrupted. Keep your project safe.
● Double-acting pneumatic actuator: Air to open and air to close. Responsive and helping your project increase productivity.

Applications Of Sanitary Valves:

● Food process skid-mounted machinery
● Wine Making
● Beverage processing
● Syrup processing

Here is the introduction of COVNA food grade valve for your reference. Any demand for valve, feel free to consult us at sales@covnaactuator.com