What Is Fail Open Valve And Fail Close Valve?

In any fluid control process, the valve is an indispensable part. In this article, we will introduce to you what is fail open and fail close. Choose the right type to ensure the normal operation of the project in emergencies.

What Is Fail Close?

Fail close means the valve will auto close once the power source or signal is interrupted. This type of valve needs to supply a power source continuously.

If you want the valve will be auto close to protect your project when the power is off, the fail-close valve will be your best choice.

Such as spring return pneumatic actuated valves and fail-safe normally closed motorized valves.

  • For spring return pneumatic actuator valves, there are a number of springs in the spring return pneumatic actuator valves. Supply air to open, once the air is interrupted then the valve will be closed.
  • For fail-safe normally closed motorized valves, there has a capacitance in the normally closed motorized valves. Once the power off, the capacitance will be a power source and it will drive the valve to close.

What Is Fail Open?

Fail open means the valve will auto-open when the power is off. The valve will be closed when power is on, and the valve will be open when power is off.

This type of valve is suitable for fire extinguishing systems. Once the power is interrupted by the fire, then the valve will auto open and allow the water to transport, thereby the fire extinguishing system could run normally.

We could help to customise each valve to fail open to meet your valve needs. Such as normally open single-acting pneumatic actuator valves and fail-open motorized valves.

In terms of fluid control, valves play an important role. Choose the right valve and let our project run normally.

We welcome any inquiries from you and hope our experience could help you to solve the valve needs.