What Is Motorized Valve?

Compared with the solenoid valve, the motorized valve is more reliable, safe and can replace the solenoid valve. In this article, we will introduce you in detail that the solenoid valve and motorized valve principle of the difference and different applications.

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How the Solenoid Valve Works:

Solenoid valve is composed of the solenoid coil, spool and valve body. When the solenoid coil power or power off, it will drive spool action, make fluid through the valve body or be cut off. The solenoid valve can only play the role of open or closed.

Applications Of Solenoid Valve:

Solenoid valve is driven by solenoid coil, the driving force is small, more easily damaged by voltage impact, generally suitable for less than DN50 and below the pipeline, switching time is short, and there is a special high-frequency solenoid valve, the utility model is especially suitable for the pipeline with high operating frequency or short switching time, and when the power cut can be automatically reset.

Solenoid valve is suitable for a wide range of media, acid, lye, water, gas, oil, steam and other media can be used. But for the medium viscosity, cleaning degree has high requirements, in the installation of solenoid valve before the installation of a filter to be installed, to ensure the normal operation of the solenoid valve, low leakage rate, high security.

Widely used in ventilator machines, car wash systems, fountain systems, and other applications.

How Motorized Valve Works:

Motorized Valve is a power supply to drive the motor rotation, thus opening or closing the valve of a device, and withstand voltage shocks. The rotating range of the electric valve is adjustable. The rotating range can be adjusted by inputting the specified current and voltage signals. The general control signals are current signal (4 to 20mA) or voltage signal (0 to 5V, 1 to 5V).

Applications Of Motorized Valve:

The driving force of the motorized valve is large, and it can control the large diameter valve, such as globe valve, gate valve, etc., the utility model is especially suitable for large diameter pipelines or places where the flow of pipelines is required to be regulated.

Motorized valve is applicable to a wide range of media, water, oil, gas, steam, acid, alkali and other media can be applied. Driving force can control large-diameter valves, and motorized valves can adjust the flow of the pipeline, especially suitable for large-diameter pipelines or require the use of pipeline flow regulation.

Motorized valves can also be programmed, with the use of PLC remote control, so when the working environment is more harsh or remote circumstances, we recommend using motorized valve. Widely used in HVAC, smart irrigation systems, water filter equipment, paper & pulp.