What Is Pneumatic Accessories?

Pneumatic accessories are industrial equipment used to realize industrial automation. There are positioners, limit switches, pneumatic reversing valves, air filters, etc. for your choice. Each pneumatic accessory has a different function. It is generally used with various types of pneumatic valves, which is convenient for remote control and industrial automation to improve the production efficiency of the project.



A positioner is an industrial device that receives or feeds back signals and delivers air to a pneumatic actuator to adjust valve opening and closing.
● Responsive and precise adjustment
● Available in single-acting types and double-acting types
● Explosion-proof type is available for the dangerous applications
● Helping you control the valve remotely

Limit Switch

The limit switch is an industrial device that feedbacks the opening and closing of the valve body. At the same time, it can feedback signals to the system, so that you can know the status of the valve by checking the system.
● Clear viewing window for easy observation of valve opening and closing
● IP67 protection grade can be used normally outdoors
● Explosion-proof type is available for the applications required.

Pneumatic Reversing Valve

Pneumatic reversing valve is an industrial equipment controlled by electromagnetic. Mainly used to control fluid automation basic components, and to control the opening and closing of pneumatic valves. The action is accurate, the degree of automation is high, and the work is stable and reliable.

Air Filter

An air filter is a filter used to filter impurities in the air so that clean air can be the driving source. In order to make the pneumatic valve run more smoothly and have a longer working life.

The above is the introduction of the pneumatic accessories provided by COVNA. If you have a demand for a complete set of pneumatic valves, you are welcome to consult us to obtain the optimal valve solution and cost budget.