What Is Quarter Turn Electric Actuator?

Quarter Turn Electric Actuator is an automatic device that receives power AC-24V, 110V, 220V, 380V, DC-12V, 24V or works under control signal 4-20mA, 1-5V DC and 0-10V DC. Its function is to drive the valve to start or close at an angle of 90 degrees, in order to achieve the control of fluid flow, the realization of industrial automation. The electric actuator comprises a motor, a torque sensing device, an electrode protection device, a digital communication module and a control module. The parts work together to precisely control the flow of fluid.

With the development of industry, more and more industries appear, even some industries with a bad environment. Then electric actuators can be a good substitute for manual operation. Staff only in the control center to control the opening or closing of the valve, without personal presence, reduce the injury to personnel.

Electric actuators are commonly used with ball valves, Butterfly Valves, gate valves, Globe Valves in a variety of industries to improve efficiency. For example:

  • Water Treatment System
  • Smart irrigation system
  • Chemical Industry
  • HVAC System
  • Paper And Pulp
  • Food Processing
  • Power Plant

Advantages Of Quarter Turn Electric Actuator:

1.Motor: Fully enclosed cage type motor is small in size and inertia, large in torque. Insulation class is F class which can prevent motor over-heating.
2.Manual Override: Handle is reliable, energy-saving. It can be used for manual operation when electricity is off. In automatic operation, it can be fixed inside the clip for easy operation.
3.Indicator: Indicator is assembled on center axis, valve position can be observed. Outside mirror design facilitates position observation and prevents water drops accumulation.
4.Enclosure: High Sealing performance, standard protection class is IP67.
5.Self Lock: Accurate turbo-worm structure can output large torque with high efficiency and little noise (Max. 50 decibel). Service life is quite long. Its self-lock function can stop reverse rotation. Drive part is stable and reliable without additional lubrication.

COVNA manufacture Quarter Turn Electric Actuator with 20 years experience. We provide on-off type, modulating type, intelligent type and explosion-proof type to satisfied client’s needs from different industries.

If you have any needs for the electric actuator, please do not hesitate to contact us!