What Is V Port Ball Valve?

What Is Ball Valve?

The ball valve is a quarter-turn valve, it only needs to rotary the ball a quarter turn, thereby open or close the valve. Ball valves are used for on off or regulation.

Ball Valves Types

Ball valves can be divided into 2-way ball valves, 3-way ball valves and 4-way ball valves according to the direction of flow, which are used for on-off, mixing and diverter.
Ball valves can be divided into thread type, flange type, clamp type and welding type according to the connection method.

At the same time, according to the port types, the ball valve can be classified into full bore type, reduced bore type and V port type.

What Is a V Port Ball Valve?

If you need a ball valve that accurately regulates the flow rate, we would recommend the V port ball valve to you. The difference between the V port ball valve and the traditional ball valve is that the ball is a V-shaped port, and the common ones are 30°, 45°, 60° or 90° angles so that you can better control the flow.

Available in electric V-port ball valve and pneumatic V-port ball valve to help you control the flow rate remotely and locally.

Applications of V port Ball Valve

V port ball valve is suitable for applications that need flow rate regulation.

● Oil and gas
● Water treatment, water supply network, dam
● Irrigation
● Chemical industry
● Food and beverage
● And so on