Working Environment of Electric Actuator Valve

Electric Actuator Valve is divided into electric ball valve, electric butterfly valve, electric gate valve and electric globe valve. High Torque, long working hours, low failure rate, easy maintenance, adjustable switching speed / angle, widely used to control the air, water, steam, mud, oil and various corrosive media of the fluid.

Electric Actuator Valve can achieve remote control, PLC control, manual control and so on, its movement process can be controlled by the stroke, torque or the size of axial thrust. Can be used with the different valve body, to replace the implementation of different models to be used in various types of pipelines, suitable for all types of media. Because the electric valve device operating characteristics and utilization depend on the type of valve, device specifications and valve in the pipeline or equipment location. Therefore, the correct choice of electric valve, can effectively prevent the phenomenon of overload, improve cost-effectively.

Diesel Oil transfer

The electric device in the electric actuator valve is mechanical and electrical equipment, and its working conditions are greatly affected by its working environment. In general, electric actuator valves operate in the following types of environments:

1. With flammable, explosive gas or dust environment.

2. The environment of a ship or dock (salt spray, mold, moisture).

3. Where there is severe vibration.

4. Fire prone situations

5. The environment in Humid and dry tropical regions.

6. The temperature of the pipe medium is over 480 °C

7. Indoors or with protective measures for outdoor use.

8. Outdoor installation, wind, sand, rain, sun and other erosion.

9. Ambient temperature below-20 °C.

10. Susceptibility to flooding or submergence.

The environment with radioactive materials (nuclear power plants and radioactive material test facilities).

For the electric actuator valve in the above environment, the electric device structure, materials and protective measures are different. Therefore, should be based on the above-mentioned working environment to select the appropriate valve electric device.