Butterfly Valve

    COVNA is a valve and actuator manufacturer with rich experience in China. We manufacture all kinds of butterfly valves for various industries like water treatment, wastewater treatment, seawater treatment, HVAC, air vent pipelines, power plants, etc.

    We could offer the butterfly valve according to your needs.

    Size range 2in to 24in (Large size could be customized)
    Body Material Options Cast Iron, Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Duplex steel or Plastic
    Disc Material Options Cast Iron, Stainless steel, Plastic, Nickel aluminum bronze or PTFE
    Connection Options Wafer, Lugged, Flanged, Tri-clamp, or Welded
    Working Pressure 10bar to 40bar
    Medium Temperature -10℃ to 400℃
    Design Standard ANSI, JIS, DIN, GB

    What is Butterfly Valve?

    The butterfly valve is a valve that uses a valve disc to rotate 90° to open, close or adjust the flow of the medium. Because of its small installation space, simple installation, simple operation and other advantages, it has become a popular choice. The butterfly valve can be equipped with parts of different materials according to the requirements of the working conditions, so that it is suitable for various industries, such as the chemical industry, food industry, paper and pulp, steam industry and so on. Because the butterfly valve can be made into a large-size valve body, it is very suitable for use in ventilation ducts.

    At COVNA, we will select and produce the most suitable butterfly valve according to your needs.

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    Tell Us Your Need About Butterfly Valve

    Introduction Of Butterfly Valve Parts

    Butterfly Valve Types By Material

    Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve

    Stainless steel butterfly valve is the widely use valve currently. Features of stainless steel butterfly valve including stronger, anti-corrosion and no rust.

    Cast Iron Butterfly Valve (Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve)

    The cast iron butterfly valve is one of COVNA’s most popular valves. Cast iron butterfly valves have excellent tensile strength, and butterfly valves that can be cast into different shapes according to customer needs have met your industry needs.

    Plastic Butterfly Valve

    The plastic butterfly valve can withstand slight corrosiveness and is light in weight, easy to install, and low in cost. Offering a cost-effective valve solution for your project.

    Carbon Steel Butterfly Valve

    Carbon steel butterfly valves are reasonably priced and can be used in most applications, suitable for food industry, power plants, water treatment, chemical industries, and so on.

    Source: indiamart.com

    Butterfly Valves Types By Sealing

    Soft Sealing Butterfly Valve

    The soft sealing butterfly valve refers to the butterfly valve using rubber seals, such as NBR, EPDM, VITON, PTFE, PPL, etc., which are resistant to corrosion and high temperature, which can meet your different needs. The advantage of the soft-sealed butterfly valve is to reduce the friction between the valve plate and the valve body and increase the service life of the valve.

    Hard Seal Butterfly Valve

    Hard sealing butterfly valve refers to the use of the metal sealing ring, the advantage is that it can withstand high pressure and high-temperature working conditions. It is widely used in power plants, steam industry, fuel industry and other industries with higher temperature or higher pressure.

    Butterfly Valves Types By Connection

    Wafer Butterfly Valve

    Wafer butterfly valve is currently the most widely used butterfly valve. It has two or more installation holes and is fixed on the pipeline by screws and nuts. The installation is simple.

    Lugged Butterfly Valve

    The Lugged Butterfly Valve has 8 mounting holes, which are connected to the pipe by flanges and bolts. Lugged butterfly valve has 4 standards: ANSI, JIS, DIN, GB to meet your requirements.

    Tri-clamp Butterfly Valve

    Tri-clamp butterfly valve also named food safe butterfly valve. Tri-clamp connection offers the food-safe solution for the food and beverage, medical industry and so on.

    Flanged Butterfly Valve

    Flanged butterfly valve offers the best valve solution for the pipeline which require a flanged connection and large size.

    Welded Butterfly Valve

    The welding butterfly valve connects the valve to the pipeline by welding. The advantage is that it does not leak. Generally used in important pipelines.

    Butterfly Valves Types By Design

    Single Offset Butterfly Valve

    The single eccentric butterfly valve is to solve the problem of the extrusion of the butterfly plate and the valve seat of the butterfly valve. The valve stem and the axis deviate from the center of the butterfly plate so that the lower end of the butterfly plate no longer becomes the axis of rotation. Excessive squeeze of the valve seat

    Double Offset Butterfly Valve

    Double eccentric is an elastic hard seal. It is further improved on the basis of single eccentric. It is characterized in that the shaft center of the valve stem deviates from the center of the butterfly plate and the center of the body. After the valve is opened, the butterfly plate can quickly leave the valve seat. The amplitude eliminates unnecessary excessive extrusion and scraping between the butterfly plate and the valve seat, reduces the opening resistance distance, reduces wear and improves life. Some manufacturers of double eccentric butterfly valve do not make the sealing cavity technology in place, and the valve plate is easy to be closed too much.

    Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

    Triple eccentricity means that a hard seal must be used to withstand high temperatures, but it may leakage. And for prevent leakage must be used soft sealing, but soft sealing is not resistant to high temperatures. In order to overcome this contradiction of the double eccentric butterfly valve, the butterfly valve is subjected to a third eccentricity, That is, the shape of the sealing pair is not a positive cone, but an oblique cone. The valve is closed and tighter. It is a multi-layered structure with relatively high-pressure resistance and high-temperature resistance.

    Butterfly Valves Types By Operation

    Manually Operated Butterfly Valve

    The manual butterfly valve opens or closes the valve by manually rotating the turbine or the handle. Manual butterfly valves can also be equipped with limit switches so that you can check the valve position and switching conditions on a computer or other system.

    Manual butterfly valve has low cost and low failure rate.

    Automated Actuated Butterfly Valve

    Automated butterfly valves are divided into electric butterfly valves and pneumatic butterfly valves, which can allow you to remotely control the valve, allowing you to implement automation applications more easily and quickly, and improve production efficiency.

    Electric Butterfly Valve

    Electric butterfly valve refers to the opening and closing of the butterfly valve driven by an electric actuator. Electric butterfly valve can realize remote control through AC/DC power supply and 4-20mA signal, reducing labor cost. But when a fault occurs, you can manually close the valve through the handle to let your project run safely.

    Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

    Pneumatic butterfly valve refers to the use of compressed air as energy to drive a pneumatic actuator to open or close the valve. The pneumatic butterfly valve is fast and safe. It can be equipped with positioners, pneumatic reversing valves, limit switches and other pneumatic accessories to realize fully automated valves.

    Butterfly Valves Types By Applications

    Normal Type Butterfly Valves

    Normal type butterfly valves are suitable for water. EPDM seal, cast iron disc and cast iron valve body material. Offering the cost-effective valve solution to you.

    Food Grade Butterfly Valves

    Food grade butterfly valves are widely used in the food processing industry. The valve body is polished with 8K mirror finish, food-grade silicone seals, and a clamp connection. Help you build an integrated food processing system.

    Anti-corrosion Butterfly Valves

    Anti-corrosion butterfly valve has excellent anti-corrosion performance. PTFE thickened seal plus PTFE disc can be used for flow rate control of acid and alkali.

    High-Pressure Butterfly Valves

    General butterfly valves can withstand pressures of up to 16 bar, while triple eccentric hard seal butterfly valves can withstand pressures of up to 64 bar. They are widely used in high-pressure pipelines.

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