Multi-Turn Electric Actuator

      360 degrees electric rotary actuators suitable for gate valves and globe valves for linear movement. Multi-Turn electric actuator is available in 3-phase AC, 1-phase AC and DC motors. Features include full-featured, reliable performance, and an advanced control system. Widely used for on/off control of water, oil, gas, etc. Available in Profibus Fieldbus, Modbus Fieldbus, Hart Fieldbus, FF Fieldbus and Device Net Fieldbus control.

      Designed for precise control and efficient operation, our actuators not only deliver reliable performance but also contribute to a sustainable environment. Embrace green technology and enhance your processes with our advanced electric actuators.

      (Please note that we are a Chinese brand and do not supply other brand actuators. Thank you in advance.)

      Power Supply General: 3-Phase 380VAC

      Special: 3-phase: AC660V, AC440V, AC415V

      Special: 1-phase: AC220V, AC110V

      Special: DC: DC12V, DC24V, DC48V

      Torque Range 50Nm to 10,000Nm
      Protection Class IP65
      Insulation Class F Class
      Ambient Temperature -4°F to 140°F

      COVNA Multi-Turn Electric Actuators

      As a top actuator valve manufacturer in China, COVNA manufactures electric gate valve actuators, electric globe valve actuators, electric ball valve actuators and electric butterfly valve actuators for your choice. What’s more, being our partner, you could enjoy:

      • Online technical support
      • 3D drawing
      • Technical datasheet and install manual
      • Selection guide to help to choose the right item
      • 1-Year warranty and after-sales service
      • Competitive price to help you to reduce the budget and gain more benefits

      Offering a one-stop valve solution to fulfill your needs about building, replacement or upgrade projects.

      COVNA Multi-turn electric actuator provides you with a reliable and efficient fluid control solution. This electric actuator is a 360 degrees rotary electric actuator for gate valve and globe valve. Also available for the ball valve and butterfly valve which have higher torque needs.

      Compatible with various control systems to help you realize industrial automation.

      For Project Designer Or Contractor

      As a one-stop actuator valve solution provider, COVNA is happy to help you to select the right valve and actuator basic on your project design. What’s more, we could offer the 3D drawing, technical datasheet, and online technical support to help you get the bidding or select the right item.

      For Distributor

      COVNA has rich experience with valve and our team is focused on the market trending. We know the market and we know the trend. So we could share the market info for your reference and help you build the business and earn more benefits.

      Features Of Multi-Turn Electric Actuator:

      • High torque range up to 10,000Nm
      • Wide ambient temperature from -40℃ to 100℃
      • Suitable for high humidity environment
      • High protection class and high corrosion protection
      • Divided by control method: ordinary type, intelligent switch type, intelligent adjustment type(Profibus Fieldbus, Modbus Fieldbus, Hart Fieldbus, FF Fieldbus, Device Net Fieldbus)
      • Available in 3-phase AC, 1-phase AC and DC motors
      • Handwheel for manual operation
      • Suitable for gate valve, globe valve, ball valve and butterfly valve to allow your automation easier

      For Gate Valve

      For Globe Valve

      For Butterfly Valve

      For Ball Valve

      Technical Parameter Of Multi-Turn Electric Actuator:

      Model Output Torque(Nm) Output Speed(r/min) Manual Speed Ratio Motor Power 380V(kW) Rated Current Reference Weight(Kg)
      Z05 50 18/24 1:1 0.12/0.18 0.45/0.6 15.2
      Z10 100 18/24 1:1 0.18/0.25 0.6/0.85 15.8
      Z15 150 18/24 1:1 0.25/0.37 0.85/1.05 16.2
      Z20 200 18/24 1:1 0.37/0.55 1.05/1.3 24.2
      200 36/48 1:1 0.55/0.75 1.3/1.7 24.2
      Z30 300 18/24 1:1 0.55/0.75 1.3/1.7 25.8
      300 36/48 1:1 0.75/0.85 1.7/1.85 25.8
      Z45 450 18/24 1:1 0.75/0.85 1.7/1.85 63
      450 36/48 1:1 1.1/1.5 2.5/3.2 63.2
      Z60 600 18/24 1:1 1.1/1.5 2.5/3.2 65.2
      600 36/48 1:1 1.5/2.2 3.2/4.5 65.2
      Z90 900 18/24 1:1 1.5/2.2 3.2/4.5 67.5
      900 36/48 1:1 2.2/3.0 4.5/6.3 68.5
      Z120 1200 18/24 1:1 2.2/3.0 4.5/6.3 69.8
      1200 36/48 1:1 3.0/4.0 6.3/8.5 69.8
      Z180 1800 18/24 1:21 4 8.5 120
      Z250 2500 18/24 1:21 5 10.5 125
      Z350/500 3500/5000 8 1:60 5 10.5 200
      Z700/1000 7000/10000 4.5 1:107 5.5 11.2 260

      Dimension Of Multi-Turn Electric Actuator:

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