On Off Type Quarter Turn Electric Actuator

    For fully open and fully close within 90 degrees rotation. Torque ranges from 50Nm to 4000Nm. With overloading protection. A fully enclosed squirrel-cage motor, small size, large torque, insulation Class F, can prevent overheating damage to the motor. When the power is cut off, it can be controlled manually, thus reducing the failure rate.  Applicable to various industries, such as HVAC, water treatment, oil & GAS, etc., to achieve industrial automation.

    Has a visual monitor for you to observe the open/close situation.

    Item On/Off Type Electric Actuator
    Torque Range 50Nm to 4000Nm(442in-lb to 35398in-lb)
    Rotation 90 Degrees
    Voltage Optional AC-24V, 110V, 240V, 380V; DC-12V,24V
    Working Temperature -30℃ to 60℃
    Manual Override Available