HK59-D-C Pneumatic PTFE Butterfly Valve

    COVNA Pneumatic PTFE Butterfly Valves have excellent corrosion resistance, providing you with application-oriented fluid control solutions. The thickened PTFE sealing and PTFE valve plate can ensure that the valve has anti-corrosion performance and improve the safety of your pipeline. Widely used in chemical plants, power plants and other applications which has corrosion-resistance needs.

    Engineered to excel in demanding applications, these valves offer unparalleled chemical resistance and exceptional performance. Crafted with high-quality PTFE material, they ensure reliable and leak-free operation, even in corrosive environments. With their smooth and precise flow control, these valves are the perfect solution for industries such as chemical processing and pharmaceuticals. Upgrade your system to the next level of reliability and efficiency with our Pneumatic PTFE Butterfly Valve today!

    Model HK59-D-C
    Features Excellent anti-corrosion performance for the chemical industry
    Actuator Type Single Acting(Spring Return) or Double Acting Type to meet your different actuation needs
    Air Supply Pressure 2.5bar to 8bar
    Size Range 2in to 16in
    Pressure 10bar
    Temperature -10℃ to 180℃ (14℉ to 356℉)
    Connection Wafer
    Medium Acid, alkali, ammonia, etc