ZJH Pneumatic Globe Control Valve

ZJH Pneumatic globe control valve, also known as pneumatic diaphragm control valve, is equipped with a multiple spring zero adjustable actuator, a low flow resistance sleeve, and a single seat regulation valve without a lower cover. The ZJH series features lightweight construction, large flow capacity, low center of gravity, high vibration resistance, and easy installation.

These valves are widely used in various applications such as ethanol/bio-fuel loading systems, LPG-NGL loading/unloading systems, skid mounted loading systems, and steam recovery units.

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(Please note that COVNA brand is a Chinese brand and we do not supply other brand globe control valves. Thank you)

Item ZJHP Single Seat Type Pneumatic Globe Control Valve

ZJHM Sleeve Type Pneumatic Globe Control Valve

Size Range DN20 to DN300
Pressure Range 16/40/64bar
Air Supply Pressure Range(KPa) 0.14/0.25/0.40
Medium Temperature -40°F to 482°F
Material Options Stainless Steel(304 or 316), Carbon Steel
Construction Options Single Seat type or Sleeve type

Features Of Pneumatic Globe Control Valve:

Pneumatic globe control valve with the top guide structure, compact structure, fluid channels in an s-shaped streamline, small pressure drop loss large flow, wide adjustment range, high precision flow characteristics. Globe control valve with multi-spring pneumatic diaphragm actuator, with small structure, large output force.

Using this valve can make the flow control more accurate, and make the automation easier, thereby improving the production efficiency of your project.

Pneumatic control is safer and can be used in industries with harsher working environments to protect the personal safety of workers.

Pneumatic Control Valve With Heat Dissipation Part

With good heat dissipation

Pneumatic Bellows Control Valve

With good sealing performance and good heat dissipation

Pneumatic Fluorine-Lining Control Valve

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● Providing sample services to help you complete your prototype design

● Offering cost-effective solutions

● Modbus control increases the accuracy of flow control up to 99.99%

● No blind spots inside the valve body to ensure accurate flow control

● Lightweight and easy to installation

Working Principle Of Pneumatic Globe Control Valve:

By receiving the control signal pressure output by the standard electric signals of the regulator(via electricity-air positioner or electricity-air converter), the valve opening is changed, so as to change the flow of the medium to be regulated and then allow parameters such as flow, pressure, temperature and liquid level to be regulated. As a result, the production process automation is achieved.

After the extraneous pneumatic pressure signal is input into the diaphragm chamber, it will act on the diaphragm to produce thrust. The thrust them compress the spring pack, and move the push rod, which drives the spindle to open(close) of the valve clack until the balance is achieved between the thrust and reaction of the compressed spring pack and the clack is in a stable position of the stroke. It is concluded from the above principle. There is a definite proportional relation between the clack and the input pressure signal.

Single Seat Type

Sleeve Type

Technical Parameter Of Pneumatic Globe Control Valve:

Nominal Diameter G 3/4″ 20 25 40 50 65 80 100 150 200 250 300
Valve Seat Diameter 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 12 15 20 20 25 25 32 40 32 40 50 40 50 65 50 65 80 65 80 100 100 125 150 125 150 200
Rated Flow Coefficient Cv High Accuracy Flow Characteristic Clack 0.08 0.12 0.20 0.32 0.50 0.80 1.8 2.8 4.4 6.9 6.9 11 11 17.6 27.5 17.6 27.5 44 27.5 44 69 44 69 110 69 110 176 176 275 440 275 440 690 1000 1600
High Capacity Flow Characteristic Clack 1.6 2.5 4 6.3 6.3 10 10 16 25 16 25 40 25 40 63 40 63 100 63 100 160 160 250 400 250 400 630 900 1440
Rated Strock(mm) 10 16 25 40 60 100
Effective Diaphragm Area (cm2) 220 350 560 900 1400
Inherent Regualtion Ratio 50:1
Nominal Pressure MPa 0.16 1.6 4.0 6.4 (ANSI125 150 300 600LB)(JIS10 16 20 30 40K)
Sevice Temperature -20 to 200℃
Ambient Temperature -40 to 85℃
Air Supply Pressure KPa 0.14(0.25 0.4)
Spring Range KPa 20 to 100(40 to 200/80 to 40/20 to 60/60 to 100)
Connection Threaded Female Thread M10×1

Dimension Of 2-Way Pneumatic Globe Control Valve

pneumatic control valve

Dimension Of 2-Way Pneumatic Globe Control Valve With Positioner

pneumatic control valve with positioner

Dimension Of 3-Way Pneumatic Globe Control Valve

pneumatic control valve 3 way

Material Options:

In order to better meet the needs of your equipment, we will provide you with other materials for you to choose from


Available in Cast Iron, Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316 and Carbon Steel to meet your requirement of temperature and mediums.

Pneumatic Accessories Options:

We provide pneumatic accessories like positioner and F.R.L to help you control the valve and make automation easier

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