Check Valve

    Check valve is a valve that prevents the medium return and protects the project. As a check valve manufacturer, COVNA manufactures check valves in all types, materials, design standards for your choice.

    Types Swing type, vertical type, disc type, double door type, flap type, lift type or ball type
    Material Options Stainless steel type, brass type, carbon steel type, cast iron type or plastic type
    Connection Options Flange, thread or welded

    What is Check Valve?

    Check valve refers to a valve whose opening and closing parts are circular discs and rely on its own weight and medium pressure to generate actions to block the backflow of the medium. The check valve is an automatic valve. Do not energize or ventilate, which means that the facility is powered off and the check valve will still work normally. The check valve has a designated medium flow direction, the medium flows in from the inlet end and flows out from the outlet end. When the inlet pressure is greater than the sum of the weight of the disc and its flow resistance, the valve is opened. On the contrary, the valve is closed when the medium flows back, thereby preventing the medium from flowing back and protecting the pipeline, compressor and pump.

    Check valve widely used in oil and gas, water treatment, mining, power plant, boiler, and so on.

    At COVNA, we will select and produce the right check valve for you according to your needs.

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    Check Valves Types By Design

    Swing Check Valve

    Swing check valve has a valve disc and swing forward or backward. When the medium flows forward and the pressure is greater than the valve plate, the medium can circulate normally. But when the medium tries to backflow, the valve plate is closed to prevent the medium from flowing back to protect the pipeline.

    Vertical Check Valve

    Vertical check valve suitable for vertical flow project. It has a spring and valve disc. When the medium flows into the valve body from the inlet end and the pressure is greater than the elastic force of the spring, the valve plate will open and allow the medium to circulate normally. When part of the medium returns, the spring will lock the valve plate to prevent the medium from returning.

    Wafer Disc Check Valve

    Wafer disc check valve suitable for the horizontal pipeline. It also has a spring and a valve disc. Same working principle as a vertical check valve.

    Double Door Check Valve

    Double door check valve as the name says, when the medium goes through from the inlet, the 2 valve disc will open like a double door. To permit forward flow or prevent reverse flow.

    Flap Check Valve

    Flap check valve like a single door check valve. When the medium goes through from the inlet, the flap will be open and let the flow forward.

    Lift Check Valve/Globe Check Valve

    Life check valve looks like a globe valve so it also named globe check valve. It has a ball or piston to prevent reverse flow.

    UPVC Ball Type Check Valve

    A UPVC ball type check valve is a type of valve that allows the flow of fluid in only one direction. It is made of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC), which is a rigid and durable material.

    UPVC ball type check valves are commonly used in plumbing and industrial applications to prevent the backflow of fluids, such as water, air, or other liquids.

    Check Valves By Connections

    Flanged Check Valve

    Flanged check valve is one of the most popular valves in COVNA. Flanged check valve available in ANSI, JIS, DIN, GB standard to meet various requirements of the pipeline. Feature of flange connection valve including easy to install.

    Threaded Check Valve

    Threaded check valve is a valve using a thread connection to connect the pipeline. Available in G or NPT thread standard. The installation is easy because it does not need other accessories or special skills.

    Welded Check Valve

    Welded check valve refers to the connection of the valve and the pipeline by welding. Generally used in important pipelines. Suitable for high-pressure pipelines.

    Check Valve Types By Material

    Stainless Steel Check Valve

    Brass Check Valve

    PTFE Liner Check Valve

    UPVC Ball Type Check Valve

    Carbon Steel Check Valve

    Cast Iron Check Valve

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