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Gate Valve

If you are looking for gate valve manufacturers, you are in the right place here. COVNA is an industrial gate valve manufacturer in China. Our main product is ANSI API 600 Gate valve. Other standards also could be customized. We offer all kinds of gate valves in all materials like WCB and stainless steel, design and pressure ranges for your choice. We also offer customized valve service for you to meet your requirements help your project runs well. Welcome to consult us to select the right gate valve basic on your project requirements.

Design & Manufacture ASME B16.34, API600
Face to Face ASME B16.10
Connection Dimension ASME B16.5, ASME B16.25
Inspection and Test ISO5208, API598
Size Range 1/2in to 28in
Pressure Class 150/Class 300/Class 600/Class 900. Higher pressure could be customized
Medium Temperature -30°C to 450°C
Material Options Stainless steel 304/316/316L or WCB

Gate Valve Types By Material

COVNA manufactures gate valves in WCB and stainless steel material for your choice to meet your different requirements. Quality material with the material test, eco-friendly and food safe.

Stainless Steel Gate Valve

WCB Gate Valve

Gate Valve Types By Actuator

As a one-stop valve and actuator solution provider, COVNA also could offer valve with actuator for you to meet your different applictaions. To help your automation easier.

Manual Gate Valve

Electric Gate Valve

Pneumatic Gate Valve

Manual Gate Valve

Manual gate valve is a commonly used valve. Manually open or close the valve to achieve the purpose of medium circulation.

Electric Gate Valve

Electric gate valve is driven by AC/DC power supply to achieve remote control purposes. Manual override, AC/DC power supply and signal control.

Pneumatic Gate Valve

Pneumatic gate valve is driven by air cylinder by air. Fast open and close. Cheaper than electric gate valve.

Gate Valve Types By Stem Design

We offer Rising stem type gate valve and Non-rising stem type gate valve for you.

Rising Stem Gate Valve

Non-Rising Stem Gate Valve

What is Gate Valve?

Gate Valve is a simple design valve. Fully open and fully close. The valve plate is raised or lowered by linear movement, so as to circulate or cut off the medium. Easy to control, easy to install, and easy to use in various industries.

The installation direction of the gate valve is not fixed, and the installation is simple. The gate valve can only be used for circulation or interception, and has no flow control function. So if you need a valve with flow control function, we would recommend a regulating valve or a globe valve.

Applications Of Gate Valve

Gate valve is not easy to block. Also it is one of the most popular valve in all industries. It has a wide range of applications like:

● Paper and pulp

● Wastewater treatment

● Mining

● Power plant

● Chemical, food and beverage, oil and gas, etc

If you are not sure how to select the valve, feel free to consult us.

Can’t Wait To Work With You

Feel free to consult us and we are happy to help you to select the right valve for your project!

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