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    If you are looking for gate valve manufacturers, you have come to the right place. COVNA is an industrial gate valve manufacturer in China, dedicated to providing you with high-quality products.

    We offer customized gate valves in various standard specifications, including materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel, as well as flexible design options and pressure ranges.

    No matter what your project requirements are, we provide customized valve services to ensure a smooth project execution. Feel free to consult with us and choose the gate valve that best suits your project needs.

    Please note that we are COVNA brand valve in China and we don’t supply other brand valves.

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    For Project Contractors

    – Provide reliable valves to ensure the normal operation of the system.

    – Provide gate valves that meet the requirements of your project.

    – Offer quick delivery capability to avoid project delays.

    – Provide technical support to help you solve valve-related technical issues.

    For Distributors

    – Offer gate valves with reliable quality to meet consumer demands and build a good reputation.

    – Provide competitive prices to help you gain more profits.

    – Offer after-sales services to help you better maintain your reputation.

    – Provide stable supply capability to establish a long-term and stable partnership with you.

    Feature Types Of Industrial Gate Valve

    Gate Valve Types By Actuator

    As a one-stop valve and actuator solution provider, COVNA also could offer valve with actuator for you to meet your different applictaions. To help your automation easier.

    Manual Gate Valve(Manually Operated Gate Valve)

    Manual gate valve is a hand-operated valve. By turning the handwheel manually, the gate valve is opened or closed, allowing the medium to circulate or cut off. The manual gate valve provides an accurate flow release or blocking function, allowing the staff to easily achieve the purpose of flow control.

    Automatic Gate Valve

    When the gate valve is equipped with an automatic gate valve actuator, the safety and production efficiency of the system can be greatly improved.

    Automatic gate valves can be divided into electric gate valves and pneumatic gate valves.

    Electric Gate Valve(Electrically Actuated Gate Valve)

    Electric gate valve means that the electric gate valve actuator drive by AC/DC current and signals reception/feedback to opens or closes the valve. Since the opening and closing speed of the electric gate valve is slow, the risk of water hammer effect is greatly reduced. With the development of science and technology, people’s demand for electric gate valves is increasing day by day.

    Pneumatic Gate Valve(Air Operated Gate Valve)

    Pneumatic gate valve refers to the use of compressed air to drive the pneumatic gate valve actuator to open or close the valve. Because the pneumatic gate valve does not need electricity to open or close, it is safe and reliable.

    Gate Valve Types By Material

    COVNA manufactures gate valves in WCB and stainless steel material for your choice to meet your different requirements. Quality material with the material test, eco-friendly and food safe.

    Stainless Steel Gate Valves

    The stainless steel gate valve may be made of stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316 or stainless steel 316L. Its unique durability and corrosion resistance are favored by the majority of users, and thus it is widely used.
    The stainless steel used in the COVNA gate valve has passed the material test report and is 100% hygienic and usable.

    Carbon Steel Gate Valves(WCB Gate Valves)

    Carbon steel gate valve root processing technology can be divided into forged steel gate valves and cast steel gate valves. The advantage of forged steel gate valve includes that it can withstand high pressure and is more suitable for heavy industry. The advantage of cast steel gate valve including that can be customized into various types according to your requirements.

    Gate Valves Types By Connection

    Flanged Gate Valves

    Flanged gate valves are gate valves with flange connections at both ends. Flanged gate valves are currently the most commonly used connection method in industrial valves. At the same time, the flange gate valve is also the best-selling valve in COVNA.
    Flanged gate valve uses nuts and bolts to fix the pipe, which makes installation easier.
    Flanged gate valve can be divided into ANSI, JIS, DIN, GB standards according to the link standard to meet your requirements of different working conditions.

    Gate Valves Types By Stem


    Rising Stem Gate Valve

    Rising stem gate valve means that when you turn the handwheel, you can clearly see the valve stem rising or falling in a straight line. When the medium is circulating, the valve stem will not touch the medium. Rising stem gate valve can be installed with an actuator, from a manual gate valve to an automated gate valve.

    Non-Rising Stem Gate Valve

    Non-rising stem gate valve means when we rotate the handwheel, and we can’t see the valve stem. When the medium circulates, the valve stem and the valve plate will be exposed to the medium.


    Gate Valves Types By Seat


    Metal Seated Gate Valves

    Metal seated gate valve has a metal seat wedge, which is mainly used to isolate the flow in pipes or equipment. It has excellent durability and long service life.

    Resilient Seated Gate Valve

    Resilient seated gate valve is a gate valve made of cast iron with soft seals inside to reduce friction and prolong the service life of the valve.


    Applications Of Gate Valve

    Gate valve is not easy to block. Also it is one of the most popular valve in all industries. It has a wide range of applications like:

    ● Paper and pulp

    ● Wastewater treatment

    ● Mining

    ● Power plant

    ● Chemical, food and beverage, oil and gas, etc

    If you are not sure how to select the valve, feel free to consult us.

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