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    If you are looking for a globe valve, you are in the right place here. COVNA is a valve manufacturer and we specialized in globe valve with 20 years. We manufacture globe valves in ANSI, JIS, DIN, GB standards to meet your project’s requirements.

    Please note that we are COVNA brand valve in China and we don’t supply other brand valves.

    Design & Manufacture ANSI / JIS / DIN / GB
    Size Range 1/2in to 28in
    Pressure Range Class 150 to 900 (10bar to 15bar) Special pressure could be customized
    Medium Temperature -30°C to 450°C
    Material Options Stainless steel / WCB / Plastic

    For Project Contractors

    As a one-stop valve solution provider, COVNA will manufacture the valve basic one your requirements. Helping you save time and cost.

    For Equipment Fabricators

    COVNA will do its best to produce the globe valve according to your needs to help you fabricate the integrated systems.

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    COVNA has rich experience in valve industry and we will share the market info for your reference. To help your business grows.

    What is Globe Valve?

    The opening and closing part of globe valve is a plug-type valve disc, which moves linearly along the centerline of the valve seat. Relying on the pressure of the valve stem, the sealing surface of the valve clack and the sealing surface of the valve seat are closely attached, which plays a blocking role. At the same time, globe valve also has a circulation and flow adjustment functions.

    However, globe valve has a higher pressure drop effect than gate valves and ball valves. Therefore, globe valve is not suitable for applications with pressure requirements.

    Globe valve is very suitable for use in the steam industry, cooling water system, wastewater treatment industry, boiler industry, shipbuilding industry and so on.

    As a globe valve manufacturer, COVNA will manufacture and recommend the most suitable Globe Valve for you according to your fluid flow rate and industry needs.

    Source: saVRee

    Globe Valves Types By Standard

    Globe valve is widely used, but each country will have its own set of valve standards. As a manufacturer of globe valve, we can meet the industry needs of different countries in terms of sound field ANSI, JIS, DIN, GB Globe Valve.

    Design & Manufacture Standard Of ANSI Globe Valve:

    Design & Manufacture ASME B16.24, API602
    Face to Face ASME B16.10
    Connection Dimension ASME B16.5, ASME B16.25
    Inspection and Test ISO 5208, API598

    Design & Manufacture Standard Of DIN Globe Valve:

    Design & Manufacture DIN 3356
    Face to Face DIN 3202
    Connection Dimension DIN 2543
    Inspection and Test DIN 3230

    Design & Manufacture Standard Of GB Globe Valve:

    Design & Manufacture GB/T 12235
    Face to Face GB/T 12221
    Connection Dimension JB/T 79
    Inspection and Test JB/T 9092

    Design & Manufacture Standard Of JIS Globe Valve:

    Design & Manufacture KS B 2361
    Face to Face KS B 2361
    Connection Dimension KS B 2361
    Inspection and Test KS B 2361

    Globe Valve Types By Actuator

    Manual Globe Valve/Manually Operated Globe Valve

    Manual globe valve turns the handwheel manually to open or close the valve. The labor cost is relatively high, but the operation is simple, and the valve assembly cost is low.

    Automated Globe Valve

    With the development of technology and the increase in demand, the demand for automated globe valves are also increasing. According to the difference of actuators, it can be divided into electric globe valves and pneumatic globe valves.

    Electric Globe Valve

    Electric globe valve uses AC/DC current and signal transmission/feedback, and drives the valve to open or close through a motor. Electric globe valve can be programmed or set to realize remote control, PLC control, Bluetooth control or Wifi control, etc. It has the advantages of cost-effective, stable operation and advanced operation.

    Electric Globe Valve

    Pneumatic Globe Valve

    Pneumatic Globe Valve

    Pneumatic globe valve drives the cylinder by compressed air to open or close the valve. Since the pneumatic globe valve uses air as a driving force, it is safe and reliable.

    Globe Valves Types By Material

    Stainless Steel Globe Valve

    Stainless steel globe valve is a valve which widely used in various industries. Its unique material strength, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, long service life and other advantages have been favored by customers from all industries.

    Stainless steel globe valves can be used in the chemical industry, paper and pulp, food process industry, wastewater treatment and other industries.

    Cast Iron Globe Valve (Ductile Iron Globe Valve)

    The essential material of COVNA cast iron globe valve is ductile iron, which is then made by casting process. The cast iron Globe Valve has excellent temperature tolerance and can withstand temperatures of 750 degrees Fahrenheit. It has good corrosion resistance and tensile strength. This makes the nodular cast iron Globe Valve can withstand high pressure or high temperature industries, and is not easy to rust.

    Ductile iron globe valve is generally used in oil refineries, wastewater treatment industries, power plants, etc.

    Carbon Steel Globe Valve

    Carbon steel globe valve can be made by forging or casting process, respectively forged steel globe valve or cast steel Globe Valve. Forged steel globe valve has higher strength and can be well used in high temperature or high pressure industries.

    The cast steel globe valve is made by casting. The casting process can meet various customized requirements, so the cast steel Globe Valve can develop a specific shape according to your requirements to meet the needs of the pipeline.

    Plastic Globe Valve

    Plastic globe valve available in UPVC material with anti-corrosion performance. Meanwhile, it is lightweight and easy to install. Offering a cost-effective valve solution for you.

    Globe Valves Types By Connection

    Flanged Globe Valve

    Flange globe valve is currently the most widely used valve. The flange connection can be easily installed or removed to the pipeline.

    Welded Globe Valve

    Welded globe valve is divided into socket welded globe valve and butt-welded globe valve. Welded globe valve, as the name describes, connects the globe valve and the pipe together by welding. This linking method can reduce the possibility of leakage, even to zero. Applicable to some important pipelines.

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